WOW Fusion In Surrey


Combining microneedling and mesotherapy this incredible treatment delivers vitamins, hyaluronic acid and other ingredients directly into the skin givign you an almost instant glow as well as working long term to improve collagen formation and skin quality.  

Each cocktail is created bespoke to you and your concerns after a full consultation to assess your skin needs.  

The results are smooth, ‘glass like’ skin that allows makeup to be applied perfectly with almost no downtime! A true red carpet treatment. 

Suitable for

Hylauronic acid delivered INTO the skin allows it to become hydrated and plump combined with micro needling that generates collagen.

The addition of Botox into the WOW Fusion device constricts blood vessels and leaves skin a lot less red and inflamed.

The bespoke cocktail of vitamins and minerals revitalises skin giving it an unrivalled glow and can improve acne and congestion.

WOW Fusion allows a serum full of pigment busting ingredients to be delivered exactly where they get results.

Frequently Asked Questions

A bespoke cocktail of vitamins, hylauronic acid and other ingredients is delivered directly into the skin via 20 gold plated needles finer than a human hair.  These gently puncture the skin and deliver hydration into the cellular level.  The action of puncturing the skin also stimulates the products of collagen and elastin.

The treatment is carried out after a full history has been taken and the cocktail is made specific to your skin’s needs.  

These can be:

– Dullness and dehydration
– Lines and Wrinkles
– Pigmentation
– Hair loss
– Rosacea
– Mild acne scarring
– Oiliness and Congestion

The skin is first cleansed and then the treatment is carried out. local anaesthetic is rarely required as the treatment is minimally uncomfortable but can be used if needs be.  After the treatment a facial mask containing high levels of hyaluronic acid and other anti-ageing ingredients is applied to the skin to soothe it and improve the results even further.

The WOW ​Fusion Glow treatment can be performed every month to help with issues like pigmentation, dull and dry skin and acne scarring.  It is much better economy than a variety of ‘facials’ performed at beauty salons that only make a superficial difference to the skin

The WOW Fusion Advanced, which is excellent for oily skin, enlarged pores and rosacea can be performed every three months as the effects of the added prescription only ingredient will last for this long

This treatment is perfect if you suffer from oily skin, rosacea or enlarged pores as well as dry, dull dehydrated skin.  It is suitable for all skin types.  As there is little to no downtime this is a true red carpet facial with results seen immediately and only getting better over the next couple of days.