Skinpen® Microneedling In Surrey


Medical grade microneedling using the only FDA approved device – the incredible SkinPen.

Microneedling creased controlled injury to the skin stimulation your bodies own production of collagen, elastin and hylauronic acid.  This treatment is perfect for almost any patient and is great for targeting fine lines and wrinkles. 

Suitable for

SkinPen induces your body’s own collagen formation that literally causes wrinkles to be ‘pushed out’.

Microneedling is especially good for acne scars as the collagen formed remodels the scar and they become less visible.

The increased blood supply and collagen gives the skin back its elasticity and glow.

This versatile treatment can be used anywhere on the body where the skin is problematic and is very good in the hands, neck and decollete.

Frequently Asked Questions

Microneedling makes 98000 microscopic holes in the skin per second which stimulate and encourage the growth of fibroblasts which are the magical cells that create collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.  This can smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, reduce acne scarring and improve pigmentation as well as giving your skin a glow.  

When you arrive at your appointment, prescription strength numbing cream will be applied to make the treatment as comfortable as possible.  A full medical history will be taken to ensure that you are safe to have the treatment.  

Once the numbing cream has taken effect the SkinPen will be used on the skin to create controlled inflammation that causes the new collagen and elastin to be formed.

After the treatment your face may feel very hot and a little swollen so we cool it with some saline and apply a WOW mask to really boost the effect.  You can also add a hyaluronic acid booster treatment that will make the results even better.  

Depending on your skin concern most patients will need 3 treatments 4-6 weeks apart to kickstart things and then 1 treatment every 3 months to maintain the results.  

If your concern is more severe (deep acne scarring or deeper lines and wrinkles) you may need 6 treatments for the initial cause before results can be maintained.  You will be advised on the best course of treatment for your concern at consultation.

This is an incredibly versatile treatment that is excellent for treating acne scarring, pigmentation and fines lines and wrinkles.  It can also improve pore size and skin tone and texture.

Whilst its commonly used on the face, it can also be used on the neck, decollate and hands to improve skin tone and condition there.  

As GMC registred medical doctors we are able to treat the body to improve stretch marks

All skin types are suitable for microneedling, however, there are some medical conditions and medications that prevent you from having treatment and this can be discussed at consultation.  

After the treatment your skin would be very red, similar in sensation to sunburn.  In most cases this starts to go down within 12 hours and is completely gone within 48 hours (see the image gallery for an example)

This will be discussed in depth at consultation but for 24 hours post procedure you must only use the supplied products and avoid touching your face.  Use clean towels and change your pillow case and avoid saunas and swimming pools for at least 48 hours.