Skin Treatments In Surrey

There is a story I tell all my patients who come to me for Botox and it goes something like this. 

There’s a lady who I treat for lines on her forehead, around her eyes and in between her eyebrows. Let’s call her Janet. Janet has been having Botox for about 15 years and never misses an appointment. But no one ever told Janet about the importance of SPF or why a retinol is essential so Janet, beautiful as she is has an incredibly smooth and youthful upper face but her lower face (that can’t be treated with Botox) looks like a melted candle.

There is literally no point in spending a penny on injectable treatments if you’re not doing the basics for you skin and that is where we can help.

We use the absolute best, in terms of evidence based treatments and ingredients to make sure that you don’t end up like Janet.

And if you have other problems like acne or pigmentation problems then we can also help you with those things too because it’s not all about ageing but about looking and feeling confident in your skin

Perfect skin is a myth but getting the best skin FOR YOU can definitely be a reality.