PCA Skin Chemical Peels In Surrey


This medical grade skincare brand have been at the forefront of professional skincare for the last 30 years and have formulated some of the most innovative solutions to your skincare problems​ 

From the Perfecting peel to the Prescription only retinol peel there is something that can be tailored to all skin types to treat issues such as acne, pigmentation and congested skin

Suitable for

Acne can be massively improved through a combination of good homeware and regular prescription only retinol peels .

This gentle peels causes the skin cells to turn over and removes pigment easily leaving a bright complexion behind.

Prescription only retinol peels supercharge homecare routines to rebuild collagen and elastin and improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Frequently Asked Questions

PCA Peels are formulated to gently exfoliate the top  layer of skin. This not only reveals beautiful fresh skin underneath​ the surface but it also encourages your skin to turnover and produce new healthier skin cells

Some peels work by burning the skin to achieve this but PCA peels penetrate INTO the skin and do all their magic without and burning at all.  They do not need to be neutralised but can be washed off 12 hours after application where the effects will continue to work for 2-4 days

With the Perfecting Peel most people will have some mild ‘skin dandruff’ for 2-4 days afterwards – however, this time can be reduced with good use of the aftercare products you will be provided with ​

The Prescription only peels have a slightly longer downtime that can be up to 10 days.  This peeling is more like what you would expect with sunburn, however most of our clients report that this is not significant enough to make them stay inside or avoid activities.

Some people do not peel at all and this does not mean that the peel has not worked.  The changes have taken place at the cellular level and your skin may have been in good condition to start with.

PCA peels are self neutralising so whilst they are acids and may sting a little on application this is completely resolved within a minute or so.  We do not wash off the peel or neutralise it but allow the acids to stay on the skin to continue working for up 12 hours after application.