Say Goodbye to Dry, Dull Skin! Get Your Skin Christmas Party Ready with The Ultimate Boost

Is your Dull, dry skin getting you down?

Maybe your wrinkles and fine lines are ruining your day and your skin has just lost its ‘wow factor’?

You’re not alone. This time of year is tough on your skin. If your face is anything like mine, since the weather has changed it has become a dry dusty husk of its former self.  

If your wrinkles and fine lines have been ruining your day and your skin has lost its ‘WOW factor’ then you are not alone. 

How can I quickly give my skin a glow?


Well, the long answer is that you can get your skincare in order and start a good routine involving lots of active ingredients.  However, this takes time and if you’re like me you want to see results now.  So I came up with  ‘The Ultimate Skin Boost’.

Most skin treatments only work on the surface of your skin, but The Ultimate Skin Boost is a revolutionary skin treatment that works on ALL levels, to give you a fresher, firmer, smoother skin and healthy-looking glow in just over an hour.

Give me two minutes to show you how easy it is to get the best skin of your life

How Does It Work?

We start with a bespoke resurfacing treatment, tailored to your skin, to gently remove any dead, damaged skin on the surface, uncovering a new layer of healthier-looking skin. 

The next step uses the incredible SkinPen to stimulate skin cell regeneration, brighten your skin and smooth away any fine lines and wrinkles. 

We then finish with the application of a hyaluronic acid serum which because of the holes can go deep and moisturise the skin to give your skin a smooth, soft finish – ensuring your skin is radiant and glowing ready for the festive season.  

The Result?

•            Younger looking skin with reduced fine lines and wrinkles

•            Clearer, healthier skin – fewer freckles and brown sunspots

•            Reduced enlarged pores and fewer acne outbreaks

•            Firmer skin with improved elasticity

•            Increased collagen production – for slower ageing

•            An even skin tone and a healthy, vibrant glow – Your friends will be asking what your secret is!

Healthy skin shouldn’t be a luxury – No matter how great you dress, how good your hair looks or how beautiful you really are – if your skin looks bad then you’ll still feel self-conscious.

Plus, with all the Christmas events coming up, you need your gorgeous glow! Check out the result on these eye wrinkles

The Ultimate Skin Boost retails at RRP £450 for your entire face and neck BUT – the first 5 patients who book in will receive the special Christmas offer of just £295 – saving you £155.

PLUS…You will receive a special early Christmas gift from me to say thank you for signing up…. Worth £50

A Hyaluronic skin booster treatment that hydrates your skin from within, along with a post treatment skincare kit – all designed to enhance your result once you leave the clinic and leave you glowing all through Christmas. Worth an additional £50 as a complimentary gift from me.

PLUS…You will also receive a Christmas Gift Voucher for you to give to the first Friend or Family member who compliments you on your glowing skin!

This voucher will enable them to book a £95 skin resurfacing treatment for free – to be used in January – giving their skin that much needed post New Year helping hand.

Don’t Miss Out: Book Your Ultimate Skin Boost today for a Winter-Proof Glow.

There are only 5 places available at the special price of £295 (saving £155) – I don’t want you to miss out – so please reply to this email if you’d like to book in so we can secure your spot before it’s too late.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the downtime?

This is an intense treatment but the downtime is really minimal.  You will be red for a maximum for 48 hours but after the first 24 your skin will just look a bit blotchy, like you’ve been out for a run and it can be covered with make up if needs be.  

2. Does it hurt?

Nope, it shouldn’t hurt at all.  As I am not a barbarian you will be numbed with local anaesthetic before the treatment so you should feel almost nothing at all

3. I’ve had regular Botox, do I need this?

YES! In fact if you have regular botox but don’t do any skin treatments you probably need this more than anyone.  This treatment will kickstart collagen regeneration over your whole face and rather than masking the problem of wrinkles (and delaying it until your next top up) – it will actually deal with the issues of fine lines and wrinkles all over your face.  Not to mention the benefits to your actual skin quality which Botox does very little to improve.  

4. Is this suitable for everyone?

It is suitable for about 90% of the population.  The tiny group of people for whom it is not recommended is those who scar badly with keloid scarring or if there is any active infection or inflammatory issue on the face 

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